Gear | January 10, 2018 9:00 am

Yeti Just Announced an Indestructible $300 Folding Chair

At that price, we'll probably just sit on the cooler, thanks

Yeti, makers of some of the best coolers on the market, has earned our praise before. So much praise, in fact, that we’re willing to give its newest product — a $300 camp chair called the Hondo Base Camp Chair — a chance.

Made from age-hardened aluminum alloy and tension mesh that’s woven to eliminate pressure points, the Hondo Base Camp Chair can supposedly hold up to 3,000 pounds per sitting.

Designed to survive rips, tears, sunlight, saltwater, freshwater and UV rays, the 16.5-pound folding chair’s frame was constructed similar to a downhill mountain bike while its mesh was engineered in the same way as climbing harness fabric.

Given all of that, the Hondo seems like the most extreme folding chair out there. But, for $300, we’d rather sit on a Yeti cooler.