Try to Waterlog These Headphones. G’head. You’ll Fail.

Fact: Music makes exercise 100 times more tolerable.

That’s because most exercise is about repetition, so doing something over and over can get very dull very fast. Music is the lubricant that helps you zone out … or get in the zone.

Also fact: you can’t get electronics wet, which is unfortunate because nowhere is music more needed than swimming, where the monotony of laps can bore some of us to tears.

Underwater Audio created a fix for that with its waterproof earbuds and waterproof iPod shuffle bundles, but since Apple’s iTunes no longer monopolizes personal music libraries to its former extent, they’ve also created their own portable player called the Delphin, which syncs via Bluetooth, allowing you to access Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and Audible.

Housed in a shock-absorbing cage, the Delphin is also ideal for climbers and runners. It snaps on the back of goggles or can be clipped to your clothing if you’re using it on land. It has a touchscreen that lets you navigate and select what you want to stream. And you can download files for times when you’re off-the-grid.

Because no distractions also makes exercise 100 times more enjoyable.

It’s funded on Indiegogo, and they’re still selling pre-orders.