Gear | January 19, 2021 10:33 am

Burton’s Latest MINE77 Collection Is Yet Another Limited-Edition Banger

This stuff is gonna sell out quick, better act fast

burton mine77 collection mark mcmorris

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Burton’s MINE77 capsule collections began back in 2018 as a way for the company’s late founder, Jake Burton Carpenter, to reconnect with his product design roots and personally develop both hardware (boards, bindings, etc) and soft goods (boots, apparel) according to his own exacting standards and personal stylistic whims. Jake’s abiding love of snowboarding and his cheeky design sensibility were on full display from the jump (the first MINE77 collection featured a pair of splatter-printed white bibs inspired by a Jiffy Lube worker that were, in Jake’s words to us, “dirty on purpose” so that “you can just climb into the back of your truck and not give a fuck”) and MINE77 was an immediate hit among snowboarding’s cognoscenti.

Now in its fifth iteration, the MINE77 program is overseen by Jake’s son Timi, who brings the same deep love of snowboarding’s heritage to the table along with his own formidable product design acumen. Turns out the force is strong with Jake’s progeny, as MINE77 drops have achieved Nike levels of fervor amongst those in the know — the limited-edition collections are beloved by Burton’s team of top-flight pro riders and invariably sell out within hours (if not minutes) of their release.

Today’s drop should prove no different, featuring a gallery of gear that any rider worth his/her mini bottle of Underberg will want to keep an eye on. Below, some of our personal faves:

Buron MINE77 blotto surf snowboard

Blotto Mine Surf 

The most limited of limited-edition, this collection of bindings-free snow surf decks is, er, limited to just 18 one-of-a-kind pieces, each designed and hand-painted by longtime Burton photographer and artist Dean Blotto Gray. Every deck comes with Gray’s original painting as well, so you get a nice piece of art for the wall to boot.

burton mine77 jbc cruise snowboard

JBC Cruise

Built on a slightly modified chassis of Burton’s ever-popular Skeleton Key all-terrain deck, the JBC Cruise features a graphic inspired by a model Burton built back in 1989. This is the definition of a “real heads know” piece — if you’re over 35 and grew up riding, the nostalgia vibes are intense. And if you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and get into the world of Step On bindings — a game-changer if ever there was one.

burton mine77 topo gore-tex jacket

3L GORE-TEX Topo Jacket

“Topo fabric” was developed specifically for MINE77, boasting an insane amount of stretch while retaining the GORE-TEX’s signature waterproofing. In addition to its slew of tech features, this collection’s jacket features a sublimated print of Jake himself on the back, shredding the aforementioned ‘89 Cruiser. Pro tip: grab the matching pant as well — matching kits are where it’s at these days.

burton mine77 drift board approach skeez

Drift Board Approach Skeez

Sometimes you gotta earn your turns, and these are a boon for any snowboarder who has ever snowshoed to the summit of a backcountry peak only to find that snowshoes are a rather heavy and cumbersome item to ride back down with. The Approach Skeez are crafted from carbon fiber for reduced weight with climbing skins built right in and a streamlined shape that makes for easier pack-strappin’ on the descent. 

burton mine77 winter moc boot

Winter Moc

Apres footwear level 1,000 unlocked. This rawhide moccasin boot took over a year to develop, featuring a cozy sherpa lining and a custom MINE77 gum rubber sole for added traction. The result: you get to feel like Leo in The Revenant without the pesky bear attack and horse carcass sleeping bag.

For those looking for a deal on snow gear, it also bears noting that Burton is currently having a pretty excellent sale with up to 60% off on a wide variety of gear.