Gear | November 9, 2017 9:00 am

Yeti’s New Rambler Lowball Is the Last Travel Cup You’ll Ever Want

You won't find anything better for $20

In these days of perpetual sizzle sans steak, one brand consistently comes as advertised.

The Austin, Texas-based company Yeti, a brand that makes coolers and drinkware so popular that everyone loves ’em. The latest offering to their Rambler series of drinkware is the Lowball. Size-wise, it’s a step up from a whiskey tumbler both in height and girth.

yeti coffee (2 images)

We filled ours with coffee (yes, pour over-style), walked 10 minutes to the train station, took a 15 minute train ride, and then a five minute walk to the office, and our coffee was still perfectly hot.

The only problem was some spillage from the mouth slit in the lid, which has no cover. Despite that, our liquids stay hot, and the mug offers the easiest sip of all the various water bottles and thermoses we own. 

Later, after a cleaning (it’s dishwasher safe), we filled it with ice cold water, and it stayed cool for longer than the water lasted and left no condensation on the desk.

At around $20, this will make for a great stocking stuffer or secret Santa.

Head on over to Yeti for more details.