Gadgets | January 16, 2019 9:00 am

Apple Just Dropped Some Handy Charging Cases for Their New Phones

Nothing like still sitting on 90% at 3:00 in the afternoon

Some days, after my egregious screen usage melts a lobe or two, I dream of chucking my smart phone into the East River and buying myself a flip phone.

Then I remember that I have to check my email, venmo my cousin back for oysters, catch an Uber to get out of the rain…

Our collective digital nutrition deserves a healthy reappraisal, but phones are here to stay. Even they must be a bit stunned about how much and often we need them. Sometimes my battery is waning by the end of my commute. 

An option, then, to reach for efficiency and spend less time doing that embarrassing outlet hunt — Apple’s new Smart Battery Cases

apple (2 images)

Available only for the latest iPhone models (iPhone XR, XS and XS Max), the three cases are dubbed XR Smart, XS Smart and the XS Max Smart. Each pretty drastically increases the amount of talk, web-surf and video playback time on your device (talk time with the XR, for instance, shoots up to 39 hours) and does so without looking like you’ve got a cinderblock in your pocket. The design is typical Apple: pared-back, smooth, safe. If you’ve got a new phone and don’t have a case yet (barbarian) this isn’t a bad call. 

Worth pointing out, though, Mophie makes charging cases for the same models at $9 less, and in four different colorways. Pick your poison. 

BUY HERE: $129

All images via Apple