Food & Drink | November 10, 2017 10:00 am

First Nude Restaurant in Paris Opens Its Doors

It is called O'Naturel and offers seats for 40 diners.

France is already home to nude beaches, campsites and spa centers, but now, the newest nude activity is eating. According to Condé Nast Travelerthe first nude restaurant in Paris opened to the public on Friday and is already a big hit.

The spot is called, unsurprisingly, O’Naturel, and is located in the largely residential 12th arrondissement, on Rue de Gravelle, according to CN Traveler. There is room for about 40 seated diners and the meals will cost you about $35. Since you have to come to the restaurant clothed, O’Naturel asks guests to remove all their clothes and leave them in the wardrobes before entering the main dining room. The view into the restaurant is blocked from the street, and according to CN Traveler, non of the neighborhood’s residents seem upset about the new addition.

“It doesn’t bother me at all, or my neighbors,” one local man said, according to CN Travler. “We don’t see anything from the street. We know what’s happening. It’s not a massage parlor.”

The restaurant is managed by Mike and Stephane Saada, who told local newspaper Le Parisien that they kicked off the grand opening weekend with a dinner exclusively for the Paris Naturist Association.

“They’ve supported us from the beginning, and we reserved our first soirée for them,” the couple said, according to CN Traveler. They added that the club members seemed happy with the experience.

This is not the first nude restaurant in the world, as there are some in both London and Spain.