Food & Drink | October 18, 2018 9:00 am

Dominique Crenn’s Dinner Series Might Be the Food Event of 2018

Buy tickets now. Ask questions and stuff faces later.

Dominique Crenn might well be the best chef in the city.

Come November, she should be the first woman chef in the U.S. to lead a three-star Michelin kitchen. (Assuming the panel has any sense whatsoever.)

But today she’ll release tickets for her latest project: a collaboration series with top chefs from around the world.

It’s all just about to kick off. Get your ticket now, or hear about it later. (Today at 11 a.m. PST, and not a second earlier.)  

She’s calling it the Crenn World Chef Series, a six-month, seven-chef series featuring some of the top cooks in the world. Tickets go on sale eight weeks before each event — which means that today, we’ll have the chance to scoop up tickets for Martha Ortiz, whose Dulce Patria in Mexico City was named one of the best restaurants in Latin America. She’ll be cooking a multi-course tasting menu on November 19 and 20.

Next up, in January, will be Virgilio Martinez, whose work at Central in Lima, Peru, has earned him a spot on the list of South America’s top talents. Or maybe you’re the sort of traditionalist who wants to hold out for Crenn’s past collaborator, Daniel Boulud of Daniel, who’ll swing by on President’s Day.

Tickets? $450 per. And that doesn’t include the wine pairing.

For the price, the dining experience better be extraordinary.

In this case, we’re betting it will be.