Five Questions on Dressing Well for Chef Eric Ripert

From the simple joys of jeans and a black T to where he buys his exceptional chef jackets

Chef Eric Ripert
Roy Rochlin

In the kitchen at Le Bernardin, Chef Eric Ripert is every bit the picture of French refinement, his silver hair perfectly coiffed and his piercing blue eyes made even bluer against the crisp white chef’s coat he’s so often seen in. When he’s off the clock, Ripert’s style is easy and effortless — bohemian, almost. He favors simple and tasteful ensembles of jeans and dress shirts; he won’t hesitate to accessorize a sport coat with a beaded bracelet.

We recently caught up with Ripert for a quick chat about his favorite items in his wardrobe, where he sources his pristine chef’s coats and where his love for dressing well began.

InsideHook: What are one or two items in your closet you would never go without? 

Eric Ripert: A nice watch (I’m a collector). Depending on the occasion, I wear something either sporty or elegant.

What is your favorite outfit to wear when you want to dress casually?

Jeans and a black T-Shirt.

What about when you’re getting dressed up?

I usually like to wear a black suit with a white T-shirt, or sometimes a tie [Ed. note: Not with the T-shirt, to be clear].

What’s your favorite thing to wear in the kitchen? 

I wear a Bragard Chef Jacket, they are extremely comfortable and elegant.

Who are the people who taught you how to dress or have inspired your sense of style?

My mother was in the fashion industry. She was the first one to influence me. So my taste for dressing up grew organically.


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