Food & Drink | December 7, 2016 5:00 am

World’s Most Expensive Cheese Costs $500 Per Pound and Sells in Just One Country

“When something is rare and unique in the world, everyone will want to try it.” So proclaims Slobodan Simic from Zasavica, Serbia. And he should know, because he makes cheese from donkey milk. In the process, he set the dairy world aflame with the creation of the world’s most expensive cheese.

Understand: What he’s doing is difficult. Donkeys don’t produce much milk, which is why even with roughly 300 of them he still struggles to produce enough for his cheese. There are other problems as well, including a lack of natural casein that causes milk’s coagulation. Indeed, it is so challenging he insists his secret methods are still the only way to produce it. The end result: Cheese that sells for approximately $500 a pound and is available only in Serbia. Learn more about the donkey delicacy in the video below.