Food & Drink | January 18, 2018 9:00 am

The BeerJet Can Pour 6 Cold Ones in 10 Seconds Flat

And it won't ever expect a tip

If you want to get a perfect six-pack, you’ll need to do crunches, wind sprints and eat right.

Or, just hit a button. At least that’s if we’re talking beer, and we are. 

Because we just came across the BeerJet 6, a brew-pouring device that won’t help you attain a good-looking gut but will assist you in acquiring beer to put in it. The Austrian-made device can precisely dispense six liter-sized beers in under 10 seconds.

Equipped with a central computer that controls its pneumatic glass tilting system and volume control taps, and allows its owner to adjust the pouring speed, temperature and foam levels of the beer, the BeerJet 6 can be operated via a touchscreen or manually.

This particular model seems to be a big hit in stadiums and arenas, but according to the BeerJet USA Facebook page, the company will soon be offering a BeerJet 2 model for home use. 

We’ll cheers to that.