Cooking | July 8, 2021 11:50 am

Deal: Sur La Table’s Warehouse Sale Has What Your Kitchen Is Missing

Take up to 50% off nonstick cookware, better storage and even some Le Creuset Dutch ovens

Nonstick pans from Sur La Table's La Marque brand and a blue Cubs branded MLB Dutch oven from Le Creuset
During Sur La Table's latest Warehouse Sale, it's up to 50% off everything from nonstick pans to Dutch ovens.
Sur La Table

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Sur La Table just opened up a sizable Warehouse Sale where the kitchenware company is offering discounts up to 50% off on cookware, appliances, cutlery, storage options and more.

The best deals by far are on nonstick cookware, so if you’re in need of some new skillets or saucepans (if the nonstick coating is chipping or flaking, then yes, you’re in need), this is the place to fix that problem. Sur La Table has its own brand of cookware called La Marque, and from them you can get sets of two pans or single saucepans with a lid for almost the full half-off discount. But there are other brands on offer too, including Zwilling pans with ceramic nonstick coating.

Elsewhere in the blowout sale you’ll find a 20-piece glass storage container set (that’d be 10 containers, 10 lids) for 43% off. If you’re still working with plastic containers, you really need to upgrade to something that’s easier to clean and doesn’t absorb the flavors of particularly pungent food. Plus, this set comes with a dry-erase pen for labeling, which makes things that much easier. 

But FYI: If the prices are unique to Sur La Table, you’ll see a label that says “Warehouse Sale.” That means pieces like this Cubs-branded MLB Dutch oven from Le Creuset aren’t only on sale here (this particular item is also on sale at Le Creuset proper), but if you’re picking up some nonstick pans and glass containers you may as well grab this discount here too.