Cooking | August 10, 2022 11:56 am

The Best Deals We Found at All-Clad’s Blowout Cookware Sale

Grill baskets, nonstick sets and waffle makers, up to 69% off

A waffle maker, outdoor grill basket and stainless steel pot from All-Clad, all on sale during the factory seconds event
If you don't have a grill basket, now's your chance to score one at 50% off.
Home & Cook

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The best way to stock up on cookware is to wait until you get married and let everyone else buy it for you. That not in the cards for you in the near future? Then do the next best thing: take advantage of All-Clad’s factory seconds blowout sale, which is running through the end of the day on Wednesday and has discounts on pots, pans and appliances up to 69% off.

The sale event is run by Home & Cook, which has the same parent company as All-Clad proper, and I’ve personally bought cookware from these sales before, so all these kitchen items are the real deal. They are, however, either factory seconds (minor cosmetic blemishes that don’t affect cooking performance) or have packaging damage (nothing wrong with the products themselves), which is why there are massive discounts you won’t see elsewhere.

What do we have our eye on this time? 

Since it’s summer and we’re keeping the grill clean and ready to go until we get snowed on, you’ll want to pick up this ingenious 11-Inch Outdoor Grill Basket, now just $40 (the Home & Cook site doesn’t list the size, but you can see it on All-Clad’s main website, and that you’re getting a 50% discount off their current price). In the nonstick category, I like the 8- and 10-inch set of hard anodized fry pans at 44% off (specifically because I’ve purchased this deal before, and they’ve served me well in the kitchen). And because fall is waffle season, you’ll want to prepare by picking up the Classic Round Waffle Maker at 50% off. 

Plus, the first two items only have packaging damage, and the waffle maker isn’t compromised at all, so you’re getting slashed prices without giving up anything in terms of quality. But there are literally hundreds of other cookware deals available, so go ahead and shop the entire sale below, through midnight tonight.