Cooking | March 10, 2021 11:17 am

Deal: Put Down the Air Fryer, Pick Up This Discounted All-Clad Deep Fryer

You’ll get a lot more joy out of this, we promise

All-Clad deep fryer
This 3.5L deep fryer from All-Clad is $50 off at Sur La Table.
Sur La Table

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I generally consider myself a kitchen minimalist. I don’t buy any trendy appliances or gizmos that only do one thing. That’s why I don’t have an air fryer or an ice cream machine. But when it comes to the all-powerful deep fryer, I’m happy to make an exception, especially when a model from All-Clad is 25% off at Sur La Table.

Can you deep fry food in a Dutch oven, plain cast iron or even just a stainless steel pot? Sure you can. But for anyone who has ever attempted this feat, deep frying quickly seems not worth the hassle. There’s the unavoidable mess, the hard to regulate temperature and cleanup often leads to a waste of good oil. All-Clad’s 3.5L deep fryer solves all these problems. 

There’s the snug lid that keeps the oil from splattering all over the counter but with a window so you can see how the fry is progressing, there’s the temperature knob to control your heat, and there’s a drainage system that filters your oil at the end so you don’t throw away anything that’s still good for another fry. And if you’re anything like me — getting ideas for doughnuts and churros from The Great British Baking Show — you’re going to need it.