Father's Day
Photo illustration by Mike Falco
By Kirk Miller / June 9, 2020 10:42 am

We’ve said this before — a gift is something you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself but you’d love to receive.

So when we put together our boozy Father’s Day Gift Guide, we kept that ethos in mind. This isn’t about picking up a bottle of dad’s favorite hooch at the local store — that memory will last as long as the bottle he’s drinking form.

This is about giving dad something he’ll remember for years to come. So we kept the focus on drinkware (it’s forever), bar tools (he’ll think of you every time he uses ‘em) and limited-edition spirits that align with his tastes but offer something unique.

Below, our spirited guide:


Waterford Connoisseur Set

Is one of these good-looking tumblers the same one Michael Jordan was drinking out of during The Last Dance? We believe so! Good enough for Mike, good enough for dad. This set includes six crystal double old-fashioned glasses crafted from Lismore, Araglin, Powerscourt, Colleen, Alana and Irish Lace patterns. 

Cairn Craft’s Infinity Decanter

Cairn Craft’s Infinity Decanter

Mixing your own whiskey blend utilizing the remnants or samples of your favorites? Infinity bottles are the whiskey-nerd hobby dad needs in his life; while any decanter will do, this sturdy glass bottle has 2 oz demarcations to make customizing your whiskey (or rum or spirit of choice) that much easier. Given the low price point, we’d suggest getting Dad started with a ready-made Infinity whiskey from Barrell, a company that recently won the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


The Stirred Cocktail Set

W&P makes cool, design-forward barware that’s a necessity in a home bar. This four-piece set includes a bar spoon, julep strainer, a hand-blown mixing glass and an extra large ice cube tray. The fact that this $70 set is currently on sale for $21? Well, you don’t have to tell everything.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit
Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit

Beginner kits that’ll help dad make the IPA, porter, saison or blonde beer of his choice, right on his kitchen stovetop. The kits include the mix (grain, hops, yeast), a onegallon reusable glass fermenter, glass spirit-filled thermometer, vinyl tubing, racking cane and tip, chambered airlock, cleanser and screw-cap stopper. (You’ll need to buy the strainer, funnel pot and bottles separately).


Father’s Day Natural Wine Box

MYSA is a sustainably-minded wine subscription service, but they also offer one-off gifts — like a curated wine set, featuring grill-friendly wines from around the globe. The kit includes a California Cabernet Sauvignon, a South African Carignan, a white from Austria and an orange sparkling from Italy. (Note: Picture above is a sample of the brand’s selections and doesn’t reflect the Father’s Day box.)

The Smoking Gun by Breville

The Smoking Gun by Breville

Infuse cocktails (and food!) with natural smokey flavors like applewood and hickory. This cold smoke system is safe to use and arrives with two speeds, for “gentle” or “intense” smoke. For a smoker htat’s more cocktails specific, you can try the Smoked Old Fashioned Kit). 

Bluegrass Barrels
Bluegrass Barrels

Bluegrass Barrels

Aging your own booze isn’t hard! These mini barrels come in different sizes and can be personalized. Once you find one you like, send dad this article to tell him what to make.

FIRE DEPT coffee

Fire Dept. Spirit Infused Coffee

Bourbon, Irish whiskey, rum and tequila-infused java beans, from a coffee company  run by firefighters, veteran-owned and freshly roasted to order.


Fusion Flasks

The standard flask is a pretty minimalist affair — it holds one spirit or cocktail and fits in your pocket. This Dual Chambered Hip Flask does something a bit differently; the two chambers here allow you to carry two different spirits, a booze and mixer or whatever you prefer … and you can pour one or both at the same time. Magnetic caps, quick-pour spouts and multiple engraving options make this ideal for a dad who’s a bit fussy with his travel drinks.



If dad’s still stuck at home, have him spend time with the world’s best bartenders. We just finished a 17-episode video class with two world-renowned mixologists (Lynnette Marrero & Ryan Chetiyawardana) and we found the coursework easy to follow while the drinks were delicious and elevated. Plus, the All-Access Pass gives dad lessons in pretty much any field he wants and taught by industry leaders and actual celebrities. 


A Variation on a Bottle He Likes 

Maybe pops always drinks the same bourbon or gin. That’s great to have a favorite! Your job is to expand his palate and give him something special while not going too far outside his preferences (it’s his day, after all). So here’s a few new or limited-edition variations on spirits we like:

Tequila: Casa Dragones Barrel Blend 
Scotch: Benriach Temporis 21 
American Whiskey: Westward Whiskey Oregon Stout Cask
Bourbon: Booker’s Granny Batch
Irish whiskey: Kilbeggan Single Pot Still
Gin: Hendrick’s Orbium Gin
Rum: The Real McCoy 12
Rye: Basil Hayden’s 10 Year Old Rye

Uncle Nearest

Uncle Nearest 1856

Conversely, have dad try something new. There’s always a good story behind a whiskey. Uncle Nearest not only has the best story, but also the most important — one that spans centuries but is very much about today and the here and now. You can share that story. And you and dad can drink a really fine Tennessee whiskey while doing so. If that flavor profile isn’t your dad’s liking, there are plenty of great Black-owned distilleries to check out. 

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