Men’s Wellness Startup Roman Wants to Help You Quit Smoking

Can better branding make you finally kick the habit?

September 19, 2018 9:00 am

If you haven’t been on a New York subway in a minute, take it from us: this whole one-word name inscribed in sans-serif lower-case letters over a minimalist backdrop thing has officially gone off the deep end.

Burrow. Feather. Hims. Away. Casper. Nimble. And one I was convinced was a joke: Figs, which proffers direct-to-consumer scrubs.

But as patently absurd as these cookie-cutter brands look when their ads are lined up next to each other in an MTA tunnel (Did they all hire the same UX designer?), they do offer some convenient and effective services. And the latest to join the fray is Zero, a new sub-brand from men’s wellness outpost Roman meant to help you kick your cigarette addiction to the curb.

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Roman has been in the erectile dysfunction game for a bit now, but this pivot is gender-inclusive, as exemplified by the brand’s new name. (They’ve changed it to Ro, dropping the “man.”) You can still get your monthly ED pills from Roman, as discreet as ever, but now it’s a sub-brand, along with Zero.

As for Zero, the new venture is riding an $88M investment wave from nine different investors (headed by FirstMark Capital) and seems a logical next step for Ro. Erectile dysfunction is directly related to unhealthy practices, smoking being one of the most pernicious. And for a staggering market (70% of smokers want to quit) with no clear solution (3% are successful), an effective product in the space is a win for everyone involved.

How does it work? Head here and answer a bunch of questions on your personal health and smoking history. Zero will hook you up with a physician (online or via phone) a couple hours later, who will write you a prescription. You can then order a month of the Quit Kit — normally $129, but only $79 for your first month — which includes prescription medication to fight nicotine cravings and boxes of nicotine replacement gum.

For anyone curious, the average pack of cigarettes in the States is $5.51. That rounds out to a $165 a month habit. Given that, Ro seems well worth a try if you’re struggling to quit.

Find more information here.

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