The Guinot Guide: A High-End Skincare Brand Sold at Luxury Spas

It's time to bring the luxury spa skincare regiment home

August 9, 2023 7:57 am
Guinot Skincare Hero
Getty Images / InsideHook

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If you haven’t noticed Guinot at your favorite luxury spas (like the Montauk Salt Cave), you might recognize the skincare brand as the inventor of the Hydradermie treatment. Guinot’s signature facial — which has spawned many copycats — uses mild electric currents to help active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. While you’ll need to go to a Guinot professional for this world-renowned treatment, you can also bring the spa experience home with their line of grooming products. Unlike some high-end brands that eschew big retailers to cultivate a sense of exclusivity, Guinot has no such pretensions. The brand is available on Amazon and you can have their best-selling eye cream shipped to you in two days alongside light bulbs and zit stickers. 

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You rarely find a luxury brand that has no airs about itself and works so effectively. After testing an array of Guinot products, I was thrilled to find they aren’t a one-hit-wonder brand by any means. Their sun protection is as solid as their make-up remover and their overnight mask is equally laudable. Read on to see my favorite picks, including several options from their men’s grooming line.   

The Brand

René Guinot was a chemist who developed products for use in professional treatments, and later created formulas for at-home use. Guinot’s science-backed approach continues to guide his brand’s modern formulas, which include ingredients like avocado butter, mallow extract, raspberry seed oil and fig extract. The packaging is straightforward with no frills. You won’t find any funky canisters or space-agey dispensers. In my experience, overwrought luxury packaging is usually a way to disguise the fact that a measly half-ounce of product is hidden in a massive jar, so I’m all for Guinot’s straightforward approach. 

One thing I want to point out: if you’re not a fan of fragrance then Guinot is not for you. I found Guinot’s formulas to be wonderfully scented, but they can lean on the strong side.  

Sunscreen & SPF

We often think sunblock is the only step of sun-conscious skincare — but post-sun treatment can help your skin bounce back and be ready for a ray-soaked day. I’m fastidious about removing sunblock after a beach or pool day, but until I discovered the Longue Vie Soleil After Sun Milk for Body I wasn’t vigilant about rehydrating my skin. This sun milk boosts the skin’s natural defenses to neutralize the effects of UV light and prevent signs of aging. Since I’m guilty of occasionally laying out to get a bit of color (never for too long!) I was thrilled that this milk also helps prolong my tan. 

I’m excited to introduce the sunscreen that will convert even the most anti-sunscreeners. When it comes to hating sunblock, I’ve found that most complaints revolve around texture. Most people aren’t opposed to the idea of protection, but they can’t get on board with the sticky, greasy feeling that just doesn’t feel worth it. If these complaints sound like your usual refrain, Guinot’s Sun Logic SPF 30 Face and Body Sunscreen will have you singing a different tune. The texture is creamy and luxurious, without feeling heavy. It feels a little thick coming out of the bottle, but it absorbs well and doesn’t feel thick on the skin. I’m particularly sensitive to the texture on my neck because it makes me feel sweaty and gross, but this formula is my go-to neck sunscreen. Even though it’s designed for the face and body, it’s only 1.4 ounces so I’m cherishing every drop and using it strictly as a face product. 

The 3-Night Face Mask

I’m a devoted skincare acolyte, but after a really long day, the thought of doing a multi-step routine sometimes feels Herculean. I’ve discovered a cheat code for lazy nights: the Refill Summum Mask. It gives me three days off from my nighttime routine because it specifically requests that you have nothing on your face before applying. The idea behind the three-night application is to “refill” your skin, which is accomplished with rambutan extract to smooth away wrinkles and plump up the skin from within. I love permission to skip (but not really skip) my toner/serum/cream steps and this leave-on mask picks up the slack. It’s designed to be applied in a thick layer, but it absorbs quickly, and won’t make you stick to your pillowcase once it’s bedtime. It spreads like a mask (a little gooey) but after ten minutes you’ll forget it’s there. 


I’m not a fan of gel moisturizers. I usually use a lightweight cream during the day and a richer cream for the night. Guinot’s Hydrazone Fluid Cream doesn’t exactly feel like cream or gel. It’s also not a lotion — it’s a thing unto itself. My skin gets oily when seasons are transitioning, and this fluid formula has been pulling double duty as a mattifier. The lightweight texture and instant moisture keep me feeling fresh on even the most humid summer days.  

A Men’s Line That Delivers 

Many men-specific skincare products are just mediocre lotions packaged in dark-colored tubes. While Guinot’s men’s line opts for a maroon hue, it breaks the mold with formulas that actually make sense for men. My boyfriend tried their Cleansing Gel, which is designed to be used pre-shave, and the After-Shave Balm. He said the menthol in both products was refreshing and the cleanser effectively removed oil to prep for a close shave. Witch hazel (in both products) acts as an astringent, toner and bacteriostatic for those inevitable nicks. The men’s Longue Vie Cream is great for those who can’t be bothered to use a serum and a moisturizer separately. Since my boyfriend falls into this camp, I was thrilled that this formula nourishes with avocado oil, calendula extract and ederline (apple seed extract). It goes beyond just hydrating the skin and into fine line and wrinkle minimization territory.  

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