Deal: The Theragun Is $150 Off, and the Brand Is Donating 100 Meals for Each One They Sell

The makers of our the most essential massage gun around just teamed up with Feeding America

Deal: The Theragun Is $150 Off, and the Brand Is Donating 100 Meals for Each One They Sell

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I got a five-hour, $5,000 super physical a couple weeks ago. It’s a long story, which you can read about here, but just know that everyone I encountered that day was predictably top-notch. Getting hired at Manhattan’s top private exam center takes some credentials. When I met with a trainer for my fitness exam, he started discussing low back pain and tissue work, and I mentioned I owned a Theragun. He grinned and pointed to his own, which was sitting on his desk.

It’s taken a couple years, but the Theragun has now reached “essential” status for trainers and physical therapy experts. For those still unfamiliar: it’s a rapid-fire fitness tool that delivers “percussive therapy” to sore areas of the body, encouraging blood flow and relaxing connective tissue in the process. It’s powered by a MIT-designed gearbox, and unlike much of the Wild West of crap in the fitness product world, 100% works. Look at the reviews on their site. Everyone from ex-paratroopers, to teens with Thoracic outlet syndrome, to moms warming up for softball games, praise the Theragun for reducing pain throughout their bodies. 

If you’re serious about easing phantom pain from old injuries, or general soreness from a sedentary lifestyle, it’s worth the momentary dent in your bank account. And right now, you can get it for $150 less. Recognizing, like many fitness-focused brands, the impact a sale or waived membership fees can have for people looking to stay healthy and limber while stuck at home right now, Theragun has discounted its main massage gun, the G3PRO, all the way down to $449. The sale arrives alongside a Feeding America partnership; with each device Theragun sells, the brand will donate 100 meals to a branch of the hunger relief nonprofit in your area. You get to take care of your body, others get to fuel their bodies, and together, hopefully we all work through this.

The sale will last until Theragun donates 100,000 meals, so if you’re serious about picking up one of the devices, act now.

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