Deal: Take 40% Off and Get Yourself a Classic Shinola Watch

Both higher-end automatic and simple quartz models are on sale

Shinola men's Guardian and Runwell watches
Square or classic? Quartz or automatic? Choose your Shinola, any Shinola.

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If you’ve ever dipped your toe into the horological waters of the internet, you might get the impression that every watch buyer is the same — that they all want industry leading mechanics, jam-packed dials and a compelling story to boot. But then you eventually snap out of it when you go back to the real world and realize most people are wearing Timex and Apple if they’re wearing watches at all.

If you find yourself comfortably in that middle ground where you care what’s on your wrist but don’t want it to become a chore, we’d suggest perusing Shinola. They’ve been coming out swinging with some intriguing new models lately, and a wide array of their classic timepieces are 40 percent off over at Bloomingdale’s.

As a refresher, Shinola builds all its watches in Detroit. You may remember a bit of controversy over their “made in America” slogan since they use imported parts, but honestly, do you own any watches even assembled in the U.S.? Shinola offers that, plus a refreshingly strong, unfussy design aesthetic. If you’re an automatic kind of person, their Runwell is available in a large 45mm and a smaller 41mm size for over $400 off. If you prefer the ease of a quartz movement, we’d suggest this unique persimmon dial model for $240 off or the square-cased Guardian for almost $300 off.

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