The Hottest Timex Release in Recent Memory Just Got a Bigger Brother

Pick up the affordable Q Timex Falcon Eye before it sells out

Q Timex 1979 Falcon Eye Watch
The extended, squared-off case makes the new Q Timex Falcon Eye an imposing presence, but still wearable at 38mm.

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One of the watches in my current rotation is the Q Timex, a 1970s piece Timex tweaked and reissued. It packs a surprisingly dashing combination of features — Pepsi-esque bezel, squared-off case, stainless steel bracelet — at an accessible price, and it sold out almost instantly. Then it sold out two more times. And if you think the popularity is at all manufactured, it’s also the only watch I’ve ever had a complete stranger stop me to ask about. “Is that the new Q Timex?” Yes, sir, it most certainly is.

We’re not here to tell you it’s back in stock, but something arguably better is: the new Q Timex Falcon Eye. It’s the next in the Q series, but this time they’ve eschewed the diver feel for a dressier but still distinctive electric blue and gold design. They’ve kept the squared case, but by removing the rotating bezel it becomes a much more commanding presence on the wrist, even though it’s still a very respectable 38mm case — no dinner plates here.

We’ll give it to you straight: This thing is going to sell out, too. If you’re looking for a new watch to add to your collection, this is an affordable option that’ll also bring some cachet with watch fiends. But if you’re shopping for someone else, these will also make great gifts for friends and family this holiday season. And if you’re just here for the first Q Timex, the company said they’ll be restocking that one sometime in December, so keep an eye out.

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