Boeing’s New Business Cabin Is a 5-Star Hotel Lounge With Wings

The whole getting business done part? Optional.

October 24, 2018 9:00 am

If you fly economy, contemporary airplane design isn’t doing you any favors. By which we mean: the seats are shrinking.

There is, of course, another option. One where you’ll find quarters enlivened, fresh and offering enough legroom for you, your family and your pet giraffe: business class. Specifically, Boeing’s private/corporate jet arm, Boeing Business Jets, which just released concept graphics of the new cabin for their BBJ Max 7 plane this week.

It is a verifiable humdinger. 

bbj (5 images)

Designed in collaboration with thermosphere interior experts SkyStyle (the pairing a first for both companies), the “Genesis” cabin swaps ’70s shag carpets and heavy decanters for a cavernous space full of modish appointments. Think an undulating starry ceiling, half-moon couches, plush pilot seats, a stocked kitchen, a shower that might have made a guest spot in Ex Machina. The space seems to reach more for Silicon Valley than Wall Street, which sort of makes sense considering where our economy is headed. 

Oh, and what the renderings don’t show? Press a couple buttons and the place comes alive. Wine racks dropping from the ceiling, partitions appearing to separate the office from the sleeping quarters, the works. What a life. 

For more information on BBJs, head here

h/t Robb Report

Images via SkyStyle / Boeing Business Jets


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