If You’re Sick of Aaron Rodgers, You’re Out of Luck

The 40-year-old Jets quarterback doesn't believe his retirement is imminent

Aaron Rodgers talks to reporters in June.
Aaron Rodgers doesn't want to leave the Jets anytime soon.
Getty Images

Thanks to the torn Achilles he suffered on Monday Night Football during his first regular-season game with the Jets, one-time Super Bowl winner Aaron Rodgers was unable to celebrate his 40th birthday on the football field (aside from four snaps, he missed the entirety of the 2023 NFL season). Because of Rodgers’s injury, the Jets played with a rotating cast of quarterbacks and stumbled to a 7-10 record, despite having a fairly talented roster. But the team is fully expected to be a contender in ’24 with their starting QB back on the field.

Speaking with frequent Joe Rogan guest Eddie Bravo on the Look Into It Podcast with Eddie Bravo — which features “conversations with ‘red-pilled’ martial arts stars, comedians, rock stars and conspiracy theorists” — Rodgers indicated that he intends to keep the Jets in contention past the ’24 season because he plans to keep playing in the NFL into his mid-40s.

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“I got back on the practice field late in the season and couldn’t get to a top speed sprinting, but really been in a good place rehab-wise, from the start, and feeling really good,” Rodgers said, via CBS Sports. “I’m hopeful I can play two or three or four more years, but you need to have some good fortune in there, too.”

Under contract with the Jets through the 2025 season, Rodgers should certainly be able to play for New York for at least the next two years if his body is up to the task. However, as Rodgers noted to Bravo, he’ll need some good fortune to do so, which was certainly not something he had during his first year with the Jets.

For Rodgers to play two or three or four more years, he’ll have to get through his second season in New York in one piece and probably also perform at a high enough level to get the Jets back to a a place they haven’t been since 2010: the NFL’s postseason. If Rodgers stays healthy and the Jets still miss the playoffs for the 14th straight time, New York may look in another direction for quarterback. For now, though, it sounds as if the Jets can count on Rodgers remaining in the fold for as long as his body, which was just spared a season’s worth of hits, will let him. That’s good news for the Jets but bad news for those who’ve grown tired of what comes out of Rodgers’s mouth.

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