Book Airbnb ‘Experiences.’ Here Are 12 Worth Trying.

At least one recreation of a famous prison escape included

January 23, 2017 9:00 am

Airbnb is bulking up.

Citing that the fulfillment users report from staying in a “real part of the city” dissipates the second they step out the door, they’ve created a way for travelers to further immerse themselves: Experiences.

The Experiences platform offers single- and multi-day “immersions” where locals show you what the locals do.

While only offered in twelve cities at the moment, there are already hundreds of experiences to choose from. So we sifted through to find the most intriguing immersions for all types of travelers.

Best part?

They’re all under $200.

Detroit: Detroit Music Royalty
It doesn’t take an expert to acknowledge Detroit’s place in the pantheon of great music cities, but it helps to know one when navigating the current scene. Where do you hear, buy and learn about Motown today? Just follow Marsha Music, daughter of blues/gospel record producer Joe Von Battle (Aretha Franklin, John Lee Hooker, etc.). She knows all the right people.

San Francisco: Triathlon Adventure
Tourists rationing overpriced snacks on the ferry to Alcatraz will gasp at the sight of people in the water. Are they the ghosts of Cole and Roe? No, it’s you and your temporary triathlon coach Duane. See the San Fran sights while swimming, biking and running (on the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon course, no less).

Los Angeles: Hinterlands
It’s L.A. it’s not hard to find a nice beach, an all-night party or good food. But what about a nice mezcal cocktail, hangover-healing hot springs and a good boulder to climb? That’s what Conrad, your “cactus enthusiast,” is here for.

Miami: On Wynwood’s Walls
The Wynwood neighborhood is a street art hub, so you’ll need a proper guide. Otherwise expect museum fatigue to set in—you know, that feeling where all the paintings blend together and the labels turn to gibberish? Host Gabriel is an artist himself, so he knows the history and people behind Miami’s murals. Expect to meet some of these creators at his favorite watering hole. What will you all talk about? The painting you whipped up at his studio.

Seoul: Food Whisperer
Since most people can’t hire Anthony Bourdain to lead them through the intricacies of Seoul’s delicacies, Airbnb got the guy who showed Bourdain around. He’ll start you off with a buzz courtesy of some craft beers, so once you’re scoping out eats in the bustling Korean markets you’ll try anything he throws at you.

Cape Town: Prison Warder
Some of these experiences are marked as “social impact immersions,” which means 100% of the money goes to a nonprofit. But at only $133, you’re going to feel like you stole something at the end of this one-day journey to Nelson Mandela’s various prisons. Your guide? His former prison guard, cook and (surprise) friend.

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