These Airbnbs Come Equipped with Resort-Level Saltwater Pools

From villas in Tuscany to bungalows in Aruba

April 17, 2019 6:12 pm
Airbnb Rentals with Saltwater Pools

Upper-tier Airbnb owners are entrenched in an amenities arms race. Wifi-rich workspaces, private gyms and industrial kitchens have steadily found their way into the site’s mainstream, meaning if you squint just right, an Airbnb doesn’t look much different than a mini resort these days.

One add-on that’s particularly caught our attention lately is saltwater pools. For the unfamiliar, or anyone in need of some myth-debunking: saltwater pools are not filled with water from the ocean. Yes, that would be really cool. The pools actually use a salt water system, which mixes a variety of salts (solar, mined and mechanically evaporated). A process called electrolysis occurs, which creates chlorine. The water that’s then pumped in the pool is definitely “salty,” but will only exhibit about 1/10th the salinity of ocean water.

People like saltwater pools because their natural chlorine (at lower levels, too) is soft on the skin and hair, and easy on the eyes. All crucial for avoiding that “6th grader who spent the entire summer at the public pool” look. Plus, a homeowner with a saltwater pool doesn’t have to buy and store chlorine (a pretty dangerous chemical) or worry about introducing more into the pool. The salt generator knows its job.

But the larger association with saltwater pools is their implication of luxury. The pools require an expensive initial investment, and the cost of maintaining it, as time wears on and the salt erodes portions of the pool, is significant. That’s part of the reason why your best shot to experience one has traditionally been at a premium resort. Where, unfortunately, you’ve gotta share it with Mr. Cannonball and coeds posing for pictures next to pink flamingos.

There’s a better way. We’ve rounded up homes on Airbnb from Raleigh to Bali, all with their own private saltwater pool. Did it cost these homeowners a pretty penny to install it? Will they have to worry about upkeep down the line? Yes, and yes. Doesn’t matter to you. Book a few days, bring someone you like a lot, bring a book, and enjoy. Our eight favorites below.

Amer, Spain

Hacienda Ynez
Palm Springs, California

Austin, Texas

Casa Tucana
Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica

Tuscan Villa
Montevarchi, Italy

Treehouse Villa
Bali, Indonesia

Aruba Apartment
Noord, Aruba

Raleigh Retreat
Raleigh, North Carolina

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