Wimbledon Style Is Fun Again. Thank Roger Federer’s Suit.

One tennis tourney, various menswear GOATs

July 6, 2023 12:47 pm
A photo of Roger Federer in a tan suit on a grassy court background
Wimbledon is back. As are some banging summer suits.
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The sport of kings and jesters is back, folks. After a snoozer of a French Open (shocker: Novak Djokovic won), Wimbledon is off to a raucous start, with legends bowing out early, Americans galore still in the mix and Andy Murray continuing to serve wanker in the way only he can.

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Seeing as how we are a publication thoroughly concerned with Omega watches, bespoke linen and Babar, you can be damn sure that we stay monitoring not just the wacky scorelines but the on-and-off-court looks that Grand Slams are wont to provide. Admittedly, Wimbledon is typically a wash — lovely, another bleach-white uni — but this time around, we’ve been forced to change our tune.

There have already been flashes of sartorial greatness that rival that of an ace Nadal forehead: Jannick Sinner’s groundbreaking Gucci duffle, carted out for any easy first-round dispatch of the Argentine Cerundolo, has taken tennis by storm as both a total flex from the 21-year-old prodigy and a notable departure from traditional tennis totage.

a photo of Jannick Sinner with a Gucci Bag
Jannick Sinner: young king, Gucci fan. (Photo by Zac Goodwin/PA Images via Getty Images)
PA Images via Getty Images

There are shades of inditement for Wimbledon’s brutalist dress code in Sinner’s double-G embossed carry-all, as well as what a GQ-endorsed tote means for the future of tennis sponsorships, mirroring recent questions concerning investment in the historically luxury-facing sport.

But that’s all a bit meta, and we’re here to discuss what really matters — the fact that busting out an Italian-label duffle in @tunnelfits fashion is a “game, set, swag” move from the Italian and one that we’d like to see more of. (Conversely, we’d be fine with just possessing a $2,500 bag, given that the custom initialed leather tags came included.)

a photo of Roger Federer at Wimbledon 2023.
Roger Federer remains undefeated on grass, thanks to a Tom Ford suit and custom Rolex. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

And of course, it’s impossible to discuss taught polos and white sneakers without mentioning the GOAT. Although he’s gracing the sidelines with jolly old Kate and not ripping no-look tweeners, Peleton fiend Roger Federer has pulled off arguably the look of the tourney (so far) with a creamy tan Tom Ford two-piece and his patented Rolex Sky-Dweller for the King of Grass’ return to Center Court on Day 2.

Reminiscent of a Robby Redford joint in both its traditional peak-lapeled cut and warm-weather panache, Fed’s digs make it more clear than even what the age-old adage of “tennis is a spectator’s sport” means: that we should be gawking at tennis tailoring talent for wedding/client meeting/tennis tournament inspiration.

Not to be outdone, footballing great and known Spice Girls fan David Beckham wore a similarly excellent biscuit blazer for Day 3, even linking up for a meeting of the neutral-suited minds with Federer, further proving that Wimbledon 2023 doesn’t actually suck…and that you need your own tennis-appropriate suits.

While we keep one eye on the action across the pond and future aces, we’ve cobbled together some outfits inspired by Wimbledon’s best and brightest thus far so that you, a certified tennis aficionado, can be, as they say, true to this, not new to this. After all, there are leather bags to be toted, tan tailoring to be commandeered, and a hell of a lot of tennis left to watch.

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