Uniqlo’s $30 Sweatshirts Are the Perfect Light Layer

A couple colors are even going for $15 a pop

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Here’s a toast to Uniqlo, as a lone, friendly lighthouse beacon along a perilous shoreline of crappy fast fashion. As we’ve said many a time before, nobody nails the affordable basics better. And for those in need of light layering essentials, we recommend picking up a Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt for just $30

Uniqlo (4 images)

Uniqlo updated the cut of this fleece for this season, making it a bit slimmer around the shoulders and sleeves, while keeping a relaxed feel around the gut. The result is a gamer that’ll pair well with a white undershirt and jeans, and offers your choice of eight different colors. If you’re looking to take off an extra 50% off, pick one up in Wine or Dark Green

BUY HERE: $15-30

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