Tommy John’s Game-Changing Boxer Briefs and Undershirts Are 40% Off

Say goodbye to bunching, riding up and stretching out

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Everyone has a few sets of laundry-day undergarments. You know the kind. For underwear, they’re the ones with stretched-out waistbands and pinholes getting wider with every wear. For undershirts, they’re rusting under the armpits, with a few stains you’ve let slide.

Today, finally replace them with a rare sale at Tommy John, where their game-changing boxer briefs, undershirts and other essentials are up to 40% off.

When we say “game-changing,” that’s not hyperbole. I currently own a few boxer briefs and V-neck undershirts from Tommy John and, after months of wear, I can confidently say I’ve never found their equal. The fabrics are luxurious without being dainty, and the construction details that seem insignificant online make all the difference during my longer work (and weekend) days.

Find the best garments from the sale below, including some of my personal favorites, with key details about each that’ll set them apart from your current duds.

Second Skin Deep V-Neck Undershirt Three-Pack
When you put this shirt on, it will feel longer, tighter and thinner than you’re used to. After a long day, you’ll see why that matters. The shirt never comes untucked, the MicroModal fabric hugs the body to eliminate all-too-common “fabric gut,” and the thin design keeps you dry and cool. Oh, and the V-neck lets you go unbuttoned. (They’re also available in different colors and singles here.)

BUY IT HERE: $129 $75

Cool Cotton Deep V-Neck Undershirt Three-Pack
The same design as the Second Skin, except the fabric is a mix of spandex and pima cotton, instead of MicroModal, for a more traditional feel. (Available in black and singles here.)

BUY IT HERE: $120 $75

360 Sport Boxer Brief
Just like the Second Skin shirts, these boxer briefs will feel longer than you’re used to. But similarly, they won’t ride up or slip down. Yes, they’re built for athletics (with a utility pocket that securely holds keys), but you’ll appreciate the ventilation in the office just as well.

BUY IT HERE: $34 $25

360 Sport Trunk
Their trunks are similar in length to the boxer briefs of other brands. These offer the same design elements of the other 360 Sport, but won’t peek out of the bottom of your shorts.

BUY IT HERE: $32 $25

Shop the rest of the sale, which also includes socks and athletic apparel, here.


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