This Exquisite Herringbone Topcoat Is $540 Off. We Don’t Know Why.

Italian wool from Todd Snyder doesn’t come cheap, until today

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We’re going to let you in on a little secret: as we editors scour the internet to find top-drawer deals (and pass those onto you), there are some so exceptional that we want to save them for ourselves. We are just as inherently selfish as any other mortals, after all. But because it’s our job, we’re obliged to turn out our pockets.

This exquisite Italian wool herringbone topcoat from Todd Snyder, now a whopping $539 off the original price, is one of those deals.

The consummate topcoat is a garment men daydream about, whether or not they’ll admit it, with the ability to transform you into Richard Gere or [insert your own style icon]. And this is that coat: a timeless herringbone design constructed from Italian wool bouclé, giving it both texture and softness. We could go on (Horn buttons! Patch pockets! Notched lapel!), but we’ll let you get to the add-to-cart part of this story.

BUY IT HERE: $898 $359

At the time of writing, it’s available in all sizes, but just make sure to double check Todd Snyder’s size chart since all sales are final. But hey, with this discount, you could buy a second one and still be under the original price.

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