Rejoice: Thursday Boot Company Now Makes Badass Leather Jackets

We get it, you're good with leather!

November 29, 2018 9:00 am

Thursday Boot Company knows how to make boots. Brogues, jodhpurs, Chelseas, chukkas … they’re all offered in tough, handsome leathers and suedes that won’t set your wallet aflame. 

But on hearing that such excellent craftsmen and craftswomen were turning their attention to jackets, there will be no “stay in your lane” from us. 

Sure enough, the NYC-based outpost has done it again, with a line of three jackets that’ll have you fetching extra hangers, stat. 

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Our hands-down favorite is the shearling-collared Flight Jacket, which comes with double coin-buttoned pockets. Perfect for channeling those “I just completed the first flight across the Atlantic” vibes. But there’s also the Motorcycle Jacket, crafted with Horween leather and bedecked with a gunmetal belt buckel, and the Varsity Jacket, made in collaboration with the fabled Golden Bear Factory in San Francisco. Wool and waterproof leather in a timeless silhouette? C’mon now. 

To order one of these bad boys, head here

Images from Thursday Boot Company

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