Blundstone Makes the Range Rover of Chelsea Boots. They’re Currently on Sale.

The unofficial boot of Brooklyn dads (and official boot of Zac Efron) gets a rare discount

February 22, 2024 10:20 am
Two blundstone boot on a green background
This rare Blundstone sale is ideal for your garag-er, closet.

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Surfing the metro, traipsing through your local park, dotting the coolest coffee shop within a five mile radius of your apartment — it’s simply impossible to avoid Blundstones. Since finding footing with the hipster Park Slope crowd circa 2016, the Chelsea, somewhere between a dress boot and a full-bodied hiker, has evolved from a niche leather boot for Subaru owners and serious outdoor enthusiasts to a staple of the modern wardrobe (enough so that the New York Times wrote about the footwear phenomenon and Prada blatantly ripped them off).

The Best Chelsea Boots for Men, From Backyard to Black Tie
Name a more versatile boot than the classic Chelsea. We’ll wait.

The style’s immense popularity isn’t a random coincidence. While the Aussie-based company might be well over a century old, Blundstone’s swift accent from relative obscurity to ubiquity is one predicated on quality and versatility and parallels the trend of Chelsea boots becoming the defacto do-it-all boot for men everywhere. Boasting a thick TPU outsole and high-grade leather, it’s a boot functional enough to survive urban conditions, formal enough to wear to work and handsome enough to earn the respect of menswear dudes everywhere.

Given that InsideHook HQ is located in money-making Manhattan, we are, perhaps predictably, chronic wearers of the brand’s classic #500 and #510 styles (read our review and weep) but it’s not just your friendly IH editors that are Blundstone-pilled. Celebrities, for instance, wear them all the time. Zac Efron, anybody?

Zac Efron Is the New Workwear Blueprint
Co-starring Brooklyn’s favorite boot

Given that you’re reading InsideHook, you very well might, too, and if not, there’s a once-a-season opportunity to remedy the situation immediately. Currently, Blundstone is throwing a Spring Clearance sale, with 25% off a dozen styles that range from vegan leather stompers to a sneaker-esque take on the OG Blundstone. There are no codes, sign ups or general BS, just savings on a pair of boots that will — with proper care — last you a lifetime.

We’ve rounded up a few of the top styles still up for grabs from the rare Blundstone sale, but you can check out the entirety of the stock for yourself here. Just make sure you actaully buy a pair — trust us, you’ll wear them everywhere,

Shop the Blundstone Spring Clearance Sale

Built for all conditions, these urban-inspired #1469 pack a punch, whether you’re crushing slush, flirting with hotties at the rock-climbing gym or maybe even attempting to pull off the illusive jort.

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