The Best All-Purpose Leather Boots I Wore This Year Are Under $200

2018: The year I learned Thursday lives up to the hype

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We’ve written about Thursday Boot Co. before, the leather footwear (and jacket!) outfitter that promises high-quality, long-lasting goods for a bargain price. But isn’t that the mission statement of half the clothing startups out there today?

Personally, I’m weary of any young company that pairs that promise with hundreds of positive Amazon reviews and a passionate Facebook following (both of which Thursday holds). Who are these people? Surely they were paid off, or are influencers who got free boots, or are Russian bots.

Then, this year, I got myself a pair of Thursday’s popular Captain style in brown chrome tanned leather. And I’ve got to confess I’m a terrible boot dad — I’ve neglected all my other styles since.

Unlike some companies that catfish you with boot glamor shots only for you to open up the box and find the looks match the cheap price, you can almost see your reflection in these spit-shined beauts. But while people like to harp on the leather exterior, it’s the interior that makes these stand out from the pack. I could point to the Poron antimicrobial shock absorbing insole, cork-bed midsole or “comfort strip,” but I’ll just say that I’ve tested plenty of toe-crunching, heel-cutting shoes this year, and these are on the opposite end of the spectrum. You know the ecstasy of taking your boots off after a long day? You’ll feel the same pleasure putting the Captain on at the beginning of the day.


The best endorsement of all? I wore these to get my teeth cleaned and my dentist, after looking me up and down on the reclined chair, said, “Thursday? They’re the best. I’ve got that same pair of boots.”

Does that mean they’re dentist approved? Thursday should get my doc to do ads for them.


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