A Handsome Way to Never Lose Your Phone

Leather wallets that won't hurt your pocketbook

By The Editors
November 10, 2015 9:00 am

Wallets don’t lose phones.

People do.

At least that’s the gambit upon which the Edward Field Wallet was built, a dapper leather billfold that reduces your modern pocket needs by one, available now for preorder. The EFW is a slender and handsome holdall that won’t require deep pockets — it’s about a fourth the price of a comparable model.

Made in the US of A (and sewn from 100% full-grain Italian leather), the Wallet was born of founder Teddy Winthrop’s lack of organizational skills.

“I was working for my brother at American Giant and I had to keep track of a million things,” he told us. “Staying organized was difficult. I lost my wallet about five times that year. It was embarrassing. After confiding in my dad one evening, he said ‘You need a Day-Timer. It holds your cards, cash and a small calendar — it will simplify your life.’ But we obviously need our phones, so combining my wallet with my iPhone came pretty naturally after that.”


A nice mix of old-school know-how and new-school needs, the leather on the EFW is fastened with a resilient bonded nylon thread.

The wallet is colorful but weathers nicely over time. It arrives in either brown, black, burgundy or navy, or more exotic dyes like “Western Saddle” or “Spanish Moss” (as well as brighter “fashion” colors like vermillion and absinthe).

The styles are limited runs; new limited edition colorways will be released every season.  Inside, there are slots for credit cards and two pockets: one for receipts or business cards, another for cash.

All well and good. But look to the wallet’s other side. Here, a micro-suction foam sheet bonds to your iPhone without leaving sticky residue (you can clean it with a damp cloth or Scotch tape). Basically, it’s now impossible to drop. And always right where you need it.

Bonus: when you upgrade your phone, Edward Field will give you a new wallet at a healthy discount — just email ‘em proof of your upgrade and they’ll sell you a new wallet for 40-50% off.

Gotta keep your pockets lined.

The Edward Wallet is currently available for pre-order for the iPhone 5/5s, 6/6s and 6 Plus, Android-compatible wallets will be available shortly after the new year.

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