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The 16 essentials for driving 100 MPH

By The Editors
October 15, 2015 9:00 am

You wouldn’t buy a mansion and furnish it with IKEA.

You wouldn’t wear Tevas on your yacht.

So if and when you ever buy a supercar (whether it’s a speedster named “Beast,” a 3D-printed Olds or a set of wheels specifically designed for said yacht), remember also to outfit your person accordingly.

Herein: 16 road essentials to help you do just that, because while internal combustion is the exquisite car owner’s superior accessory, the things he keeps inside of it — including himself — should be equally attractive.

Hands On

1. Pratt & Hart  2. Ted Baker Oxblood  3. Fratelli Orsini

If there’s a bite in the air or you have a handsomely worn vintage steering wheel, go for gloves. If this isn’t the case — and you’re not warming up your engine for Le Mans — exercise some restraint.

Suit Up

1. Ted Baker Ovid Jacket  2. Berluti Quilted Bomber  3. Ted Baker Lapeer Jacket

Stay warm out there — because if the top can go down, it most certainly will.

Keep It Together

The Ghurka Navigator

The Navigator Glove Box Kit from Ghurka stows your personal effects in style. A hard case with a soft calfskin cover opens to unleash small organizational compartments outfitted with an LED flashlight, notepad, tire gauge holder and ore.

Bring Protection

1. Lock Co. Panama Hat  2. DTRT Be Bold SPF  3. Ted Baker Ratapat Hat

That rule about drop tops? Applies here as well.

Watch Out

1. Bentley  2. Bremont Jaguar  3. Bulova Automatic

For time trials, obviously.

Eyes on the Road

1. Warby Parker Circuit Collection  2. Ted Baker Aviator  3. Simon Miller Moscot

Keep two pairs in the glovebox. One for you, one for your passenger. She gets first choice.

Ride on.

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