Deal: The Quintessential Boat Shoe Is Over $50 Off

Sperry Gold Cup Authentic Originals are discounted at Nordstrom

sperry gold cup authentic original boat shoes
Sperry took its iconic Authentic Original boat shoe and upgraded it to the Gold Cup. Right now, they're $50 off.

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In the hierarchy of boat shoes, the captain, as you well know, is the Sperry Authentic Original. As you may not know, there’s actually an even better version of the A/O. (“Is that even possible?!” preps holler from their catamarans.) It most certainly is, and it’s called the Gold Cup A/O, now $53 off during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale.

What makes the Gold Cup better than the full-grain perfection of the original? Slip that foot in and you’ll find out immediately: soft deerskin lining has been added (the originals are unlined) to keep your dogs comfortable from boat to bar and everywhere between. The upper is upgraded, too, with hand-burnished leather. And Sperry makes good on the name, adding 18K gold plate to all the eyelets. 

Nordstrom’s current deal is the cheapest we’ve found in this style and these classic colors, even compared to Sperry’s own online shop.

sperry gold cup authentic original boat shoes
Don’t let pirates see your Sperrys, the eyelets are plated in real gold. (Nordstrom)

So are you more of a “chocolate” leather person? Or a “Sahara” leather person? Both will age well, so don’t spend too long deciding or you’ll miss the sale (and the boat). 

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