Save $65 on a Bundle of Rhone Polos

One purchase and you're set for summer

Save $65 on a Bundle of Rhone Polos

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Rhone is known for active staples like running tops and yoga shorts, and for good reason. Its SilverTech threading is an antimicrobial that was literally designed for American military ops.

But the brand also makes wares suitable for commuters and weekenders, with a range of commuter pants, button-downs and polos. We recommend focusing on the polos, as Rhone is currently staging a sale through May 27th on its Delta Pique Polo bundle. You can now snag three for $198, a sizable markdown from the usual cost of $264.

It’s still Rhone, not Ralph Lauren, so expect an athletic fit (the sleeves sit a bit higher on the bicep), and a mesh fabric with vent details. But that versatility is going to serve you well, especially in the summer. During the week it’ll allow you to bike to the office and not sweat like a pig, while on vacation you can use it for tennis or a dinner out. There are three basic colors available (white, navy, black), and each will go with any pair of chinos or shorts you’ve got in your summer arsenal.

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