These Vuori Sweats Are the Softest We’ve Ever Tried

The DreamKnit™ fabric lives up to its name

September 16, 2022 5:41 am
A collage of Vuori sweats from the Ponto collection on a multicolored background

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I’ll just come out and say it: as a selvage savant, tailoring evangelist and general believer in the power of menswear, you’ll be hard-pressed to find me in sweats. Typically, I find them sloppy and boring, an offense to my sartorial palette. Out on a run? Catch me in a sleek, sweat-wicking get-up (pre-planned, of course). Headed to the movies? It’s easy jeans and slub tee for me. Cozied up on the couch? Hello, tasteful athletic shorts.

And while it’s foolish to expect everyone to care as much as I do in my crusade again french terry, there’s good reason for a general apprehension around loungewear. We’re all complicate in the long con that’s been the work-from-home uniform, but the campaign for leisure in an increasingly post-pandemic world has lost of the original point of sweats: a priority on comfort.

I’ve tested an obscene number of hoodies, track pants, tee shirts and sweats all billed as “comfy” in the past two years, and I’ll be the first to flag hackneyed and often inaccurate use of the adjective. Surely, you’ve experienced something similar as well — perhaps those $80 fleece joints are a touch itchy after a few episodes of House of the Dragon, or that hoodie you swore you’d never take off isn’t quite as breathable as it was billed.

a model in grey and blue Vuori sweats working on on the bars outside

All of this to say that, between my apprehension surrounding loungewear and its inherent usefulness, I’d like to think that there’s a real gravitas to my endorsement (as much gravitas as can be conveyed via web review) of Vuori’s Ponto Collection. A previous editor’s fortuitous run-in with the brand’s best-selling Kore Shorts had already sown a seed of good faith in the Calfornia-based label, and upon being offered the chance to test the “cloud-like” Vuori sweats, I decided that I’d give the Ponto Half-Zip Performance Hoodie and 5″ Performance Shorts a fair chance. Let me tell you, they have not disappointed.

What I Liked

Uncompromising Comfort: It’s almost difficult to describe how soft the Ponto line’s proprietary DreamKnit™ fabric is (adjectives like cloud-like and buttery soft do its brushed comfort a disservice), so instead, I’ll illustrate the unmatched feel of the Vuori Sweats by highlighting that I actually leave the house in the matching set. It’s typically not far — on a dog walk, or to the bodega — but given my inherent objection to sweats, it might as well be miles. The knit is just that lightweight and ultra-soft, and, notably, doesn’t pile or cloth after washes, a problem I often find with thin polyester blends.

a close up shot of the Vuori Ponto Shorts and thier DreamKnit fabric

Athleisure-Inspired Fit: Comfort aside, the Ponto collection has more in common with activewear than it does with traditional sweatpants. A trim fit (11% Elastane gives DreamKnit™ a tangible stretch and snap-back) and features like adjustable drawstrings, elastic waistbands, back zip stash pockets and an anti-odor tech make them preferable to a standard cotton spun sweatshirt.

A Variety of Styles: The Ponto Collection is made up of a few styles — the Half-Zip Hoodie and Performance Pants chief among them — each with a gradient of colors and a variety of sizes to choose from. Spanning XS-2XL and offering 13 colorful hues, there’s a size, shade and style for everyone.

What I Didn’t

I have little to say when it comes to problems with these glorious Vuori sweats. They are truly some of the softest sweats I’ve ever worn, and they don’t look half bad. I will suggest, however, that in my experience, the Ponto Collection is decidedly a loungewear one, despite with the performance tag that might suggest they’re geared toward working out. While you can easily move around in them, and there’s some sweat-wicking in play, I’d rather opt for a more technical piece when it comes to putting in hard miles or tackling big lifts. Not that this is particularly a problem for me — I’m happy with my Ponto pieces to remain the taboo loungewear in my other wardrobe.

The Verdict

If you’re in the market for some seriously soft sweats (it’s time for that fall upgrade), then Vuori’s Ponto Collection is worth the spend. Frankly, even if you’re not, they’re still probably worth considering; that’s how soft they are. I’ll acknowledge that the price tags aren’t for everyone — you can always keep an eye on the popping Vuori sale section — but the cloud-spun DreamKnit™ fabric is worth every penny in my book. You can experience the Ponto collection for yourself here or at the link below.

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