Review: Vuori’s New Kore Joggers Might Just Be Better Than the Shorts

The sucessor to the best-selling Kore Shorts is a much desired addition to our workout wardrobe

September 27, 2023 12:02 pm
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We gave the Vuori Kore Jogger a through review to see if they held up to their shorts brethren.
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I rave about Vuori’s Kore Shorts a lot. Like, a lot, a lot, to whoever will listen. At the Equinox, with my run club, to the barista hotties at the West Village Café Kitsuné I may or may not frequent.

It’s hard not to — even among a lineup of some of our favorite activewear, the Kore Shorts are the California-based athleisure company’s best-selling product for a reason. With a finite blend of four-way stretch performance and versatile wearability (there’s a dash of hot boy summer vibes for good measure) my fellow editors and I have been swearing by the short for years. As does Harry Styles, if that helps.

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Dig the best-selling Kore Short? You’re gonna love these.

I’m not one of those freaks who wear shorts all winter long — the equivalent of wearing a backpack as a fully grown man — which is why I was ecstatic to hear Vuori announce the addition of a new style, the Kore Jogger, to the FW2023 lineup just in time for fall.

A director successor to the hybrid shorts, Vuori’s claims that their new jogger “kept the good stuff” was intriguing, especially considering the classic Kore sports an internal liner, something I’d never seen or heard of in a casual jogger before. So in the spirit of product journalism excellence, I commandeered a pair to review and determine if the long-legged option stood up to the Kore Shorts standard.

How I Tested:

Given Vuori’s assertion, I dedicated my testing efforts to using the Kore Jogger (I’ve since affectionately dubbed them Koggers) in the same way I would use the shorts — walking the dog, sweating at the gym, knocking out errands and for the occasional TikTok doomscroll sesh. I did run in the joggers twice as well, just to how they held up (we’ll get to that). The Joggers also go put through an unexpected all-conditions test thanks a week of torrential rain in NYC.

Vuori Kore Joggers, At a Glance:

Materials: 48% Recycled Polyester, 42% Polyester, 10% Elastane | Size Range: XS-XXL | Inseam: 28.25″ | Colors: 4



  • Perfect for a versatile lifestyle
  • Four-way stretch ensure optimal movement
  • Sweat wicking lives up to its name
  • Doesn’t smell, even after multiple wears
  • Liner is a unique and welcome addition
  • Not ideal for serious milage
  • No zip pocket
  • Runs a touch small

The Good: Peak Kore Short Performance, Joggerified

It’s easy to identify what we liked so much about Vuori’s Kore Shorts. It all came down (like it so often does) to comfort, versatility, and an internal liner that doesn’t totally suck.

I’m happy to report that the Kore Joggers pass all three with flying colors. Much like their predecessors, the Kore Jogger uses the same four-way stretch blend of polyester and elastane for a snappy, cool-to-the-touch fabric that moves with you. I prefer it’s tapered fit for workouts (and for wet days) and was likewise impressed with the pant’s rise — it was enough of a relaxed fit that I wasn’t readjusting every five minutes, but the liner kept everything in place.

Speaking of the liner, it was a standout in terms of experience. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it at first — in complete and radical transparency, I often opt for a linerless bottom when crushing miles, but I felt appropriately snuggled and it breathed even better than I expected. In fact, it might even be preferred to the Kore Shorts liner — though they both use the same design, the Kore Jogger’s liner felt slightly longer, so I wasn’t bothered by any bunching that could sometimes happen with the shorts versions.

As for the versatility, I was pleasantly surprised by the Kore Joggers transitional ability. As I mentioned, they’ve taken me everywhere from dogwalks to the dogpound (read: gym), and I never once felt out of place, especially given that they don’t look overtly technical. Also worth mentioning is the healthy combo of sweat-wicking and anti-odor tech; I was able to wear mine Kore Joggers multiple times without so much as a scent, and they consistently felt dry and fresh post-workout, a godsend for the rare Barrys-to-bar scenario.

The Not-So-Good: Athleisure Is as Athleisure Does

Much like its shorts brethren, we have very few problems with the Kore Jogger, and much like its shorts brethren, most center around the lack of a secure zip pocket. The lack of a secure storage method for cards, keys, and maybe the odd phone only revealed itself on serious runs — admittedly, my phone stayed mostly in place in the standard drop pocket, but it was a hair too loose not to conjure images of shattered screens — and inverted movements at the gym.

Likewise, I found the Kore Jogger’s internal lining a hair lacking when it came more than a couple of easy miles, a frustration I’ve had with the Kore Short as well. You’re probably not going to want to run NYC in these sweats, but they’re more than fine for some standard HIIT sprints.

Finally, less of a complaint and more of a word to the wise, the Kore Jogger runs slightly small, especially length-wise. The 28.25″ inseam is shorter than some men might be accustomed too, and perhaps because of their poly-elastane blend, the joggers don’t offer a huge amount in the way of coverage that a pair of fleece sweats. Buyer beware if you’re looking for pants to bundle up in, because these ain’t it, chief.

The Verdict: Should You Buy the Vuori Kore Joggers?

It’s official: I’m Kogger-pilled. And even for someone less gung ho about Vuori’s performance line, the Kore Jogger is a serious addition to a versatile workout wardrobe, complete with all the fixtures of a classic Kore Short and optimized for cold weather and indoor scenarios. You can grab a pair in one of four flexible colorways (Dark Oregano, Vapor, Charcoal and Black) at Vuori’s webstore now. Who knows — you might just be the latest addition to Vuori’s growing cult of lifers.

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