Reigning Champ’s Latest Collection Pays Homage to ‘The Champ’ Himself

Float like a butterfly, dress like Ali

August 6, 2018 9:00 am

Incorporating a late cultural icon’s visage into a clothing collection is a dangerous game. And when you’re devising a collection in the name of the man who once said, “If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize” … well, the task borders on Herculean.

Thankfully, Vancouver-based Reigning Champ proved up to the challenge in their elegant, just-dropped line of Muhammad Ali-inspired gym and streetwear, with a set of terrycloth locker-room wares that give The Greatest his due, and give you all the motivation you need to get that body moving again.

Ali (5 images)

Wisely, Reigning Champ steered clear of borrowing Ali’s face or lifting his Cosell-roasting poetry, and opted instead to focus on February 25, 1964, the night an underdog 22-year-old Cassius Clay shocked the then-champ Sonny Liston and immediately after the fight dubbed himself Muhammad Ali. The numbers 02-25-64 arranged in  a vertical line adorn most of the clothing.

As for the specific pieces? Find black- and white-tinted basics like gym shorts and sweats, along with a few “Where the hell did you get that?” statement threads like the satin Fight Night Stadium Jacket, the Fight Night Hooded Robe and the Speed vs Power Cut-Off Hoodie — which I will go on record saying is the first time I’ve ever desired a sweatshirt without sleeves. Pop that on for a crisp autumn run and eat some miles.

You can treat yourself to the collection here. Rest easy, Champ.

All images from Reigning Champ

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