Mack Weldon Masks Are Back in Stock

They make the comfiest undies around. Facemasks are a cinch.

Mack Weldon Masks Are Back in Stock

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Mack Weldon’s face masks are back.

There’s a reason they sold out in the first place. The men’s underwear brand has been keeping the body’s hardest-to-please region happy since 2012; it’s a fair assumption that they can make a comfy face covering.

And sure enough, these masks source the same fabric mixture as our favorite pair of Mack Weldon boxers: butter-soft Supima cotton laced with real, antimicrobial silver (used in garments for years by both NASA and U.S. Special Forces). Each mask has three protective layers, illustrated here, for shape, water-resistance and particle blocking.

We don’t expect them to stay in stock for long, so head here to shop the mask in four different colorways. Oh, and you can also pick them up in a two-pack. It’s the same total price, so it’s more of a convenience/shipping thing, in case a family member could also use one.

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