Levi’s for $20. Yes, You Read That Right.

You're gonna have to buy new jeans sooner or later...

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You know what we like about Levi’s, aside from the obvious? They’re never too proud to throw a big sale. 

The denim kings fix email subscribers up with a 30% every month or so, and around the holidays customers can expect massive deals on an array of jeans and trucker jackets.

But Levi’s Warehouse Sale today is on another level entirely. Everything here has been previously discounted, so many of the latest prices are nearly 75% off the original value. If you’re in the market for $200 off a trucker jacket or an $11 four-pack of socks, this is your chance. But we recommend saving on Levi’s calling card: the jeans. 

You’ll find them all in the $20 range, and surpisingly well-stocked on sizes. That’s a deal you wil not see again anytime soon … we don’t care what holiday it is. See a few of our favorite cuts below, and feel free to peruse the full offerings here

505 Regular Fit Stretch Jeans

BUY HERE: $70 $20

511 Slim Fit Stretch Jeans

BUY HERE: $80 $25

502 Regular Taper Fit Jeans

BUY HERE: $70 $20

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