Jil Sander x Arc’teryx Puts the “Go” in Gorpcore

The collaborative technical ski collection is all about getting out there in the most fashion-forward way possible

a man sitting in a frozen lace with a collaboration jacket on
Jil Sander

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More and more, we’re seeing brands desperately trying to collaborate — maybe for the clout factor, maybe for the money grab, maybe just because they don’t want to be left behind. What started as a fun sneaker-specific trend (co-branded kicks, yay!) has spilled over into so much of branding and commerce today, dumping loads and loads of unwanted capsules and over-hyped goods on the desensitized consumer.

And then there’s ARC’TEYX x JIL SANDER. If pointless collaborations are a downpour, then Jil x Arc is the exceedingly weatherproof layer to keep you warm and dry. Also, Jilting x Arc is quite literally an exceedingly weatherproof layer to keep you warm and dry: that’s the whole point of the unisex, five-piece capsule. Both technically inclined in their respective fields, the two immensely prolific designers have teamed up for a ski and winter sports-inspired capsule, with the express impetus of creating exceptional, purpose-driven clothing.

a mode wearing a Jilting Sanders Jacket and  Poolarized snow googles
Jil Sanders

Create they did: the capsule features five styles, all functional, specialized and essential for a chic day on the slopes. Three jackets (including the shell jacket seen above) all convey engineered poise and prowess, with waterproof and breathable 3L Gore-Text Pro fabric accented with overalls of supple weatherproof leather. Every part of the jacket, down to the pocket interiors (which have micro-seam tape construction and ergonomic patterning) is a meticulously-crafted love letter to specialized performance. The iterations each offer a solid-colored, glacier-inspired color, with minimal branding and the iconic Arc’teryx bird and Jil Sander logo.

The two other pieces, a ski overall and set of bib pants, are likewise centered at the apex of performance and design. “We both grew up spending time in the mountains enjoying winter sports, but we could never find garments that balanced high performance with high aesthetic quality. Eventually, with Arc’teryx, a company we have always admired for their rigor and commitment to research, we had the chance to design them,” said Lucie and Luke Meier, joint creative directors at Jil Sander.

a close up of a sweater and covers
Jil Sander

The inaugural ARC’TERYX x JIL SANDER collection is available at Jil Sander, Arc’teryx, and other select retailers. You can find out more at the link below, but we recommend that you first cop one of the jackets. Who knows what kind of garbage weather you’ll need to fend off in the next 20 minutes?

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