Greats’ New Sneakers Combine Italian Construction With 3M Accents

The Royale Safety collection is available in white, grey and laser-tag neon

Greats Royale Safety Sneaker Collection
The Greats Royale Safety collection features their typical Italian construction and new 3M accents.

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We’ve been riding the Greats train since the direct-to-consumer sneaker brand’s founding for three simple reasons: they don’t skimp on the Italian construction, the silhouettes are simple enough for everyone but interesting enough to separate your kicks from the pack, and they always have something new up their sleeve.

Their latest trick: reflective 3M accents. Neon reflective 3M accents. Yes, Greats has finally decided to dip its toe in the streetwear pool with the new Royale Safety collection, saying the design inspiration is “the eye-catching, yet subtle, accents of New York City workwear.” But we’d say the full-blown Safety Yellow colorway lends itself more to a laser tag arena.

Three sneakers are available, including subtler white and grey options. All of them feature nylon uppers, leather and mesh liners and an extra set of 3M reflective laces. And until May 27th, you can take 20% off of these (and anything else on their site) during their Memorial Day sale with code SUNNY20.

Greats Royale Safety Sneaker Collection
The Royale Safety is available in three colors: white, grey and “safety yellow.” (Greats)

Grab a pair. Stay safe out there at night. Do a dance.

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