Deal: One of Our Most Recommended Sneakers Is 50% Off

Grab a big discount on the Royale from Greats in two colors

Greats Royale Sneakers Nordstrom
Two colors of the Greats Royale sneakers are on sale at Nordstrom: an off-white/navy and an off-white/red.

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We’ve been recommending Greats for years for two diametrically opposed reasons: Because change is good and change is bad. When it comes to your sneakers, everyone should always have a pair of classic low-tops in a muted color that you can pair with everything. But at the same time, you shouldn’t go the Mark Zuckerberg route and buy one pair from the same brand and wear them forever. If a better fitting, better made, better styled shoe comes along at a better price, it might be time to change.

The Royale sneaker from Greats is one such shoe to consider. And right now over at Nordstrom, two timeless versions of the sneaker — an off-white with red accents and an off-white with navy accents — are on sale for 50% off.

You’re probably familiar with the brand, but just in case you aren’t, the big question becomes, why were these almost $200 in the first place? It’s because unlike much of the the slapdash footwear plaguing Americans these days, Greats shoes are made in Italy from vegetable-tanned calfskin leather. They’re not offering game-changing tech like Nike or Adidas. But they are offering a luxurious upgrade at a fair price.

And right now, that price has gone from fair to unbeatable.

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