Save $55 on These Beloved Danish Slippers

Just don't get addicted to them. Apparently that's been an issue.

Save $55 on These Beloved Danish Slippers

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We understand the last thing you’re thinking about buying during the flip-flop months is a pair of toasty wool slippers.

But when you can get a pair of Glerups at a discount, you’d be a fool not to listen. The family-owned Danish brand uses Merino wool to make plush slip-ons that naturally shed fabric until they’ve molded perfectly to your feet. They’re antimicrobial (which means they don’t stink), all sorts of handsome, and now no longer an indoor shoe — Glerups recently dropped pairs with grippy rubber soles.

I actually wore a pair for most of this week in and around Yosemite National Park, where temps climbed past 90°F. After a seven-mile waterfall hike, ripping my performance gear off and popping these on with a fresh tee in an air-conditioned bus was unfettered bliss. A specific occasion, sure, but they’ll also do well in the coming months at all manner of nights on the beach or porch. You could also just stow ’em away in the closet until October. Or move to Maine. Do you.

Find a variety of styles here, with discounts specifically on The Camp Sole. Sizes are going, so act fast.

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