Gap’s Got Flannel-Lined Khakis at 75% Off. This Is Not a Drill.

Plus: four other bonkers deals from their year-end sale

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Quick disclaimer: we know we’re about to ignore Gosling’s most sacred sartorial mandate in Crazy, Stupid, Love: “Be better than the Gap.”

But some days Gap unleashes a cartoonish sale, something like, oh we don’t know … up to 75% markdowns, plus an extra 40% off at checkout. (Not to mention free shipping on all orders over $50.) It’s happening right now, and we’re giving you full permission to shop the hell out of it. You’ll want to start with a pair of flannel-lined khakis. Usually $70 a pop, you can get a pair of these cotton slacks for an insane $18. 

Below, the khakis and four other favorites from the year-end sale. 

Flannel-Lined Khakis

BUY HERE: $70 $18 

Sherpa-Lined Icon Denim Jacket 

BUY HERE: $98 $54

Moleskin Shirt Jacket

BUY HERE: $80 $42

Long Sleeve Thermal Henley 

BUY HERE: $35 $10

Graphic T-Shirts

BUY HERE: $30 $11

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