These New Contenders for the Zip-Up Fleece Throne Are 99% Recycled

Everlane’s ReNew jackets are made from plastic bottles

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I say fleece, you say Patagonia. I say affordable fleece, you say Uniqlo. I say affordable, almost 100% recycled and impossibly handsome fleece from one of the best brands in the basics game, you say … Everlane’s ReNew collection.

We’ve touted ReNew before, just one part of the company’s plan to phase out new plastic from their garments by 2021, in which they convert plastic bottles into stately outerwear. But their two latest offerings are the most compelling yet: fleece jackets in both half-zip and full-zip styles.


First off, they’re cheaper than Patagonia’s recycled polyester fleeces, even though they carry the same seal of approval from Bluesign, a Swiss company that evaluates the sustainability of textile production. If you’re trying to decide which one to buy, what you see is what you get: the only real difference being the zipper length and additional chest pocket on the full-zip option. And since both are made from around 40 “renewed” plastic bottles, your environmental impact is equally laudable on both.

If this is what the future of sustainable fashion looks like, we can’t wait until our entire head-to-toe getup was some middle school teacher’s Mountain Dew in a previous life.

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