Everlane’s New Raincoat Is a Rugged Beaut Made From Recycled Plastic

Save the planet, stay dry

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Everlane isn’t too pleased with the amount of plastic waste generated on the planet. Head over to the California outfitter’s site and you’ll find a ticker racing upward like the National Debt Clock, chronicling how many plastic bottles are made each second. Since I opened the page — let’s say two minutes ago — that number has climbed past 450K. These bottles can’t break down; they join the eight billion tons piled up in landfills and on ocean floors around the globe. 

So Everlane’s doing its part to slow the accumulation, transforming millions of bottles into a handsome, functional clothing line called ReNew. And our favorite piece from the collection is the All-Weather Jacket, which just dropped in time for spring. 

The function of this jacket is right there in the name: it’s basically a raincoat with some serious beef, primed for drizzles or gale-force winds. We dig the bonded hood brim, the toggles for easy tightening, and those interior pockets, which include a channel for your headphones. Everything but the zippers and trim (Everlane’s working on it!) is constructed solely from plastic water bottles. Save the planet, stay dry. 


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