Everlane's Second Sneaker Learned From the Mistakes of the First

The Court is simple, and that’s just the way we like it

The Court sneaker from Everlane
Not everyone can rock "Dusty Rose," but there's at least one version of The Court you'll want for spring.

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Everlane’s raison d’etre is simplicity. The brand wants the origins of their clothing to be transparent and the designs to be inoffensive, and thus in style forever. So when they launched The Trainer, their first sneaker under the Tread sub-brand, we were surprised by how polarizing it was. But our anti-Trainer editor did admit that “the next sneaker from Tread will probably be a banger.” 

This week, Everlane delivered the follow-up: The Court. In our current congested sneaker market, where some shoes have holy water in the sole and Frankincense-scented insoles, the Court may not scream “banger” to you, but it does go back to Everlane’s mission of simplicity, and from where we’re standing (preferably in the all-white or white-mustard colorway), that hits the sweet spot. 

Looking at the materials that make up the Court, you won’t find many deviations from the Trainer. They both feature full-grain leather from a “Gold-Certified tannery” (meaning they adhere to high environmental standards), rubber that uses only a small amount of virgin plastic and recycled polyester lining. To one-up themselves, Everlane is also offsetting all the carbon emissions from production through a company called NativeEnergy. While carbon offsets aren’t perfect, they’re better than nothing when thoughtfully planned, and chances are the sneakers you normally tromp around in aren’t concerned with any of these environmentally friendly initiatives — so that’s a big reason to consider these.  

How much extra is all this sympathetic design going to cost you? Basically nothing. Like the first offering, the Court comes in at just $98 a pair. But here, there are more (and more interesting) colors to choose from and a smoother, sleeker silhouette you’ll be able to pair with just about any outfit heading into spring. No orthopedic vibes here. 

If you’re looking for a new white sneaker to usher in warmer weather, and a new green sneaker in terms of environmental impact, try the Court on for size. It’s so simple it just might work.

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