Duvin’s Spring Collection is the Sunny Vibe We All Need Right Now

It might be a weird spring, but it's still spring — let's dress like it

April 24, 2020 10:55 am
Duvin clothing

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This was supposed to be Spring, god dammit.

Spring with a capital S, the magical turning of the seasonal page in which the temperature finally rises above 65 degrees and we New Yorkers can emerge from our domiciles like mole people from the tunnels, blinking idiotically into the sun and thinking to ourselves “damn, should I put on a pair of shorts today?” There was supposed to be bars opening up their patios, frisbee arms gettin’ warmed up, probably a bunch of questionable new hard seltzer flavors dropping in anticipation of the coming glorious warmth. It was supposed to be a vibe.

Instead, everyone is stuck inside with anxiety dialed up to eleven, the economy is in shambles, and this missive comes to you from Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, where it snowed four inches last night. On April 22nd.

If I’m being honest though, it’s not all bad. Your correspondent is riding out the quarantine better than I could have hoped, blessed with great company and plentiful nature to roam around in. John Krasinski has a YouTube show about people being nice to one another … there are things to be thankful for. I get it.

Still — I feel as though each year we collectively look forward to celebrating winter’s close, and this year that celebration has been largely curtailed. That sucks, and I think it’s ok to acknowledge it.

But when I saw Florida beachwear brand Duvin’s new spring drop, chockablock full of throwback ‘70s/’80’s pastel surf/sand/sun feels, I decided to hell with it — I was going to try to clothe myself into the mood. To dress for the global state of affairs I want, not the one I have. Admittedly I have no idea if this is going to work, but I feel it is worth the attempt.

And so I’m gettin’ myself a pair of swim trunks that look like they came off a ‘70s Venice Beach boardwalk. I’m gettin’ a brightly colored tee with a tie-dye sun rising across it. I’m gettin’ a tropical camp shirt and some stripey basketball socks and a hat with a fucking flamingo on it.

And when my box of goodies arrives, I am going to rock my gear and look into the mirror and remind myself that the vibe will return. That we all may be GTSS (a handy acronym for “goin through some shit,” you’re welcome) at the moment, but good times will come again.

And I encourage you to do the same. You obviously don’t need to go full Retail Therapy Mode, but maybe cop something snazzy you’ve had your eye on or pull something out of your closet that helps you dial up a classic “suck it winter, we made it to spring” mood.

Keep the vibe alive, y’all. 

Side Horizon Swim Short

Corner Horizon Tee

Tropical Hour Buttonup Shirt

Disco 4 Stripe Sock

Shuffleboard Club Dad Hat

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