Deal: These Ray-Ban Wayfarers Are $100 Off

Every glove compartment needs a pair of these at the ready

Ray-Ban Sunglasses $100

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If you’re still paying full price for a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, you haven’t been paying attention. Nordstrom Rack is currently selling the iconic pair in Black and Lite Havana at 55% off, good for a discount of nearly $100.

This style has held strong since the 1950s, and despite the best efforts of fledgling DTC brands, it isn’t going anywhere. This is an essential own, like having a pair of Chuck Taylors on your shoe rack. You don’t have to wear them every day, and they don’t even have to be your primary sunglasses, but they’re great to have on hand.

(Heads up: these sunglasses are unisex and listed under both the women’s and men’s sections of Nordstrom Rack’s site.)

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