Converse Finally Made Chucks That Can Handle Puddles

Your socks deserve this

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Converse deals with a strange conundrum. 

They’ve nailed down the timeless sillouhette. That’s beyond debate at this point. But their sneaks leave something to be desired when it comes to functionality. A unfortunate dunkaroo into one puddle will sentence their canvas exterior, and the socks therein, to an afternoon of soul-crushing squelching. 

So, sort of like a handsome, scultped human who’s always losing keys or showing up late for meetings, Chucks just need to hone in on efficiency. 

And their GORE-TEX Canvas High Top is the exact way to do it. 

Converse has beefed up its kicks in the past. Remember the Mountain Club Capsule that dropped back in November? We loved that selection (and so did everyone else, it’s completely sold out at the moment) but no more than a few feet away would be able to tell that they were Converse. Those things were meaty. The Canvas High-Top, meanwhile, remains true to the plain-woven, All-Star roots, while injecting some key waterproof tech. Gusseted tongues, heel-to-toe waterproof lining, internal waterproof bootie (just in case a drop or two sneaks in), non-wicking laces … and they’re still half the weight of your lightest boots. 

A couple notes of concern? The GORE-TEX logo runs rampant. On the laces and along the back heel. Maybe you’re not a fan (it didn’t register for me until our Executive Editor pointed it out), maybe you think it adds to the design-forward feel of the kicks, that’s up to you. And the colorway options are a bit limited simply because some of the options (like the one that apparently takes its cue from Charlie Brown’s polo) are simply not going to match well with anything in the closet. 

We’d recommend picking up the black, and pairing with some dark jeans and a nice shirt. If the laces’ logos are too much, swap in a new set. Then go walk through some puddles. Like, really make a meal of it. 

BUY HERE: $110

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